East meets West on CEEC journalist visit


Andrei Stoian, a producer and host of a Romanian mainstream media outlet, said on Tuesday that Huawei Songshan Lake Campus was a place where East meets West, and it reflects Chinese respect for Western culture.

He made the comments after visiting the company in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong province.

Noting the campus was a good mix of East and West, Stoian said he was very impressed to see European styles of architecture in the campus.

“I feel like I am in Europe but I’m still in China,” he added.

He said the respect for different cultures also manifested the China-proposed Global Civilization Initiative.

He highlighted the importance of culture in promoting people-to-people exchanges and exchanges among civilizations.

“If we want to know each other better and exchange ideas, we have to know first our cultures.”

Stoian is a member of a visiting delegation of journalists from Central and Eastern European Countries. The delegation on Tuesday wrapped up their three-day visit to Guangdong province, during which they also came to Guangzhou and Zhuhai. The next leg of the trip is south China’s Zhejiang province.

Source: chinadaily.com.cn