“My Marathon” Global Micro-Video Submission and Exhibition Launched



Initiated by the All-China Journalists Association,

supported by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS),

co-sponsored by Xinhuanet,

“My Marathon”

Global Micro-Video Submission and Exhibition

is launched.

You can submit your videos until

August 31, 2024 

Submission requirements:

1. Duration: For a micro-documentary, no longer than 8 minutes; for a micro-video, no longer than 3 minutes.
2. Language: Chinese or English.
3. Types: Micro-documentary or micro-video
4. Content: Stories of individuals participating in marathons, focusing on reflecting the spiritual pursuit of self-improvement and love for life, and showcasing the positive and persistent spirit of sports. The video should not involve pornography, violence, religion, racial discrimination, etc.
5. Format: MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 files are acceptable. Landscape shooting is recommended, with a video resolution of 1280*720 or higher.
6. Copyright: The video must be original to the submitter and must not be generated using artificial intelligence technology such as Sora. The submitter must have full copyright to the video and authorize the sponsor to use the video. The video must strictly adhere to the creation specifications and strictly prohibit plagiarism, piracy and other acts of infringement of intellectual property rights. If the video has been published in other media or social media platforms, please note when submitting.

During the event,

 some videos will be exhibited on

AIPS’s official website,

the official website of All-China Journalists Association,

and other media platforms.

Some video makers and roles of videos

will be invited to marathon-related events held in China.

Please send your video to: 


Please write your email subject line like this:

[My Marathon submission] + your name + your contact information



* Source: All-China Journalists Association official WeChat account