Join Hands to Embark on A New Journey of the Next Decade – Joint Declaration of the Belt and Road Journalist Organizations


Join Hands to Embark on A New Journey of the Next Decade

– Joint Declaration of the Belt and Road Journalist Organizations

(Beijing, China, October 12, 2023)


On October 12, 2023, the 2023 Belt and Road Journalists Forum was held in Beijing, China. Under the theme of “Building a Beautiful Silk Road, Jointly Promoting Prosperity and Development”, the participating journalists’ organizations conducted in-depth discussions and reached broad consensus. Taking the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative as a new starting point, members of the Belt and Road Journalists Network published the following joint declaration on the vision of exchanges and cooperation in the next decade:

We believe that by upholding the Silk Road Spirit and the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits, the journalist organizations from around the world have been playing an active role in enhancing understanding and mutual trust among the people of all countries in recent years through strengthened exchanges and cooperation made possible by the Belt and Road Journalists Network mechanism. In the next decade, our joint effort in building the Belt and Road will keep bringing new development opportunities to the world. All journalist organizations should strengthen communication, unite in cooperation, and actively promote friendly exchanges among the press of various countries with the aim of promoting political mutual trust, economic and trade exchanges, people-to-people exchanges and media cooperation between countries, and enhancing understanding, trust and bonding among the peoples.

We solemnly declare that the journalist organizations from around the world shall, based on its functional positioning, pool all the resources available and explore opportunities of cooperation so as to bring the level of exchanges and cooperation of the Belt and Road Journalists to a new height. Therefore, in the next decade, we shall carry out practical cooperation in the following areas:

First, jointly promote the construction of cooperation mechanism of international journalists, carry out various activities, and build bridges for uniting and serving journalists from around the world;

Second, host regional and international multilateral seminars and exchanges around the topics of common interests, promote bilateral mutual visits and information sharing, and work together to cope with opportunities and challenges;

Third, plan and conduct training sessions and activities to provide more opportunities for the leaders of journalists’ organizations and major young talents to improve;

Fourth, invite journalists from various countries for joint interviews so as to objectively and truthfully report the achievements of the Belt and Road in various fields;

Fifth, encourage the journalists to focus on exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and organize contests such as photos and videos to advocate the diversity of world civilizations.

We are convinced that with the concerted efforts of journalist organizations from all over the world, the Belt and Road Journalists Network will continue to make steady and significant progress, the press communities of all countries will arrive at more and wider consensus, cooperate on a wider range of areas and deepen mutual understanding, and side by side we are sure to usher in a brighter and better future.