Promoting High-quality Development – Belt and Road



The promotion of high-quality development, especially on the historic trade route, is an initiative of the Chinese Government and is a key factor in the development of all of us. Modern technology is becoming more and more important because of its potential. Therefore, the combination of promoting development and exploiting the potential of modern technology can facilitate and enable us to intervene where we judge it to be necessary. In order to respond to the development of the needs of all of us, a plan was presented that envisages investments in more than 150 countries and international organizations (almost 75% of the world’s population) as well as reliable tools for implementation.

We are aware that many on this path are averse to development. Unfortunately, these are often the ones who could benefit the most from quality development, which would equip them with skills that would help more people.

Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with cultures, work to gain trust, as well as share the knowledge that this cooperation brings.

In order for people to cooperate, they must have a reason to do so and must be oriented toward how to become productive with the guidance of someone with more knowledge. In addition, activities are needed to promote cooperation, including encouraging country visits and allowing time for feedback. Promoting an active community means helping to successfully transfer knowledge to development in neighboring countries. Those who will follow guidelines, support in applying new knowledge and skills and strategies will be involved in development sooner and strengthen their development path. In order for the initiators to be able to provide constant support, access to content and various experiences is needed, through radio broadcasts, TV and the Internet in the most fragile parts of the world. Learning about development can also take place in a formal environment, which includes conferences, workshops and the like.

Why is that important? It’s important because we’ll learn and problem-solve together to ensure everyone succeeds and becomes empowered with specific tools and resources. There are many challenges on this path, primarily time, money and commitment. But they should not prevent us from deepening understanding, promoting economic development and inter-regional connectivity because changes in development are driven by people.


Dr.INA STAŠEVIĆ is a journalist from Croatia.

The author contributed this article to Belt and Road Journalists Network .The views do not necessarily reflect those of Belt and Road Journalists Network.