The Centenary of CPC: Silk Road Rejuvenation and Self-determination -Understanding the Thoughts of President Xi Jinping from a Historical Perspective


By Sami Jabry

To go towards history and fade into it, or to welcome history and create it, there is a great difference to be made between the two. One can live in history, recluse oneself in a corner, and pass away with history without leaving a trace; one can take the initiative to march into the future for glory; also, one can, when some people deviate from the trajectory of history and lag behind the development of the times, hold fast to and fight for the common destiny and well-being of the entire mankind. In the long course of history, both leaders and people may leave their influence behind, or they may fade into obscurity. In his discourses, Chinese President Xi Jinping has shown us how China managed to make history, revitalize the Silk Road, and master its own destiny. Besides, he has also illustrated to the world how to correctly understand the history of human development and how leaders and people of all countries should seize the precious opportunities of the times for common development.

In the 100 years since the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese nation, through the sacrifices and struggles of countless people, has created a glorious history, and made tremendous development achievements. When we understand President Xi’s remarks from the historical perspective, we can see that President Xi emphasizes the deconstruction of historical experience, arguing that history is created through continuous struggles by one generation after another, and that the political, economic, and social events of each historical period teach people how to properly comprehend history and choose the partners most favorable to the development of the nation. Meanwhile, President Xi points out that the unipolar system, power politics and acts of intimidation have wreaked havoc on human society. In that light, President Xi put forward the Belt and Road Initiative, which was intended to make a positive contribution to global peace, security, and stable economic development.

History will be the judge, telling us who have played an essential role in the progress of human society from the height of civilization, and who have triggered wars for their own interests. In President Xi’s thinking, history should not be a piece of paper buried on a bookshelf and used only to cope with routine business, nor should it be a fleeting topic of daily conversations and meetings. Rather, it should be the grand theme of human society, and we should fully realize the profoundness of history and assume our own historical responsibilities. We should absorb the nutrients from history and choose the best way forward for human society, so as to ensure its stable development in terms of security, economy and politics. We should master the laws of history, recognize its impact on reality, and draw lessons from it so as to reach more pragmatic goals in real life and to build and safeguard the shared future of all humankind.

According to President Xi, history opens up our horizons, provides us with solutions to real-world problems and outlines a picture of development befitting the real world, while an in-depth knowledge of the mission of history can pave the way to truth and common destiny. For us, the Belt and Road Initiative is a historic opportunity, and we should properly recognize its impact. Through this initiative, the resources, ideas, and strengths of all countries will be pooled together and will thrive like a healthy plant, jointly charting the path to fulfilling the dream of development. Naturally, under the new historical conditions, there will still be some people who are inactive, unable to see the best path for human development or to make contributions to human progress. Such people will eventually languish in history and be forgotten by it. History will remember those who have acted actively, who have stood with the general public, be they thinkers, leaders or ordinary people, and who have excelled in drawing from history and sketching out a better future with their magical brushes. It was with the paintbrushes of these people that the Silk Road, a path geared to serving the common good of all mankind, was created. It was also on this road that the Chinese Communists, represented by Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao, made significant contributions to the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

For more than a century, the CPC has made the eradication of poverty and the enhancement of the people’s sense of well-being the goals of its endeavors, to which it has devoted its utmost efforts. After his election as President, Xi Jinping put forward the concept of the “Chinese dream”, which is a legacy and a sublimation of the CPC’s objectives, and fully reflects people’s expectations and aspirations to triumph over difficulties and realize their goals together with their leader.

Few people are able to recognize history correctly, understand the impact of historical events and draw lessons from them. There are also those who are unable to truly see the crises facing their own country and nation and to appreciate the ambition and wisdom of the country’s leaders and their commitment to achieving national freedom, national development, and liberation from dependence on external forces. The CPC has steadily progressed through the complex and ever-changing international system over the past 100 years, and in its every word and deed and its development agenda, it has always put its commitment to the people at the forefront of its agenda and has striven silently and devoted itself to the interests of the people and the country, with a view to realizing the dreams of the nation. The development trajectory of the CPC embodies a wealth of wisdom and holds invaluable lessons for us.

Many statesmen aspire to greatness, but only those who truly love their country and all of humanity are truly great. The human body comes out of the womb, but truly great individuals are shaped by their positions and attitudes. We can tell from President Xi’s words and deeds that the Communist Party of China is committed to making the fruits of China’s development benefit the whole world through its own efforts, fulfilling happiness for all the poor and needy people on earth. Our predecessors planted trees for us so that we can cool off in the shade and pick the fruits. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is such a tree, sheltering all the people in need and benefiting the people of all countries with its fruits, and that is the concept of the community with a shared future that China advocates.


Sami Jabry, journalist and host of Iraq News Group

The author contributed this article to Belt and Road Journalists Network .The views do not necessarily reflect those of Belt and Road Journalists Network.