The 13th Congress of Russian Union of Journalists held in Moscow


The 13th Congress of the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ) was held in Moscow on October 29, 2022 with 326 representatives from its regional branches attended.

The representatives heard the report of the Qualification Review Committee, the report of Vladimir Solovyov, Chairman of the RUJ, on the union’s work in the past five years, the report of the union’s Secretariat, etc.

Chairman Solovyov’s report mentioned such major events in the trade as the establishment of the new title “Honorary Journalist of Russia”, the provision of compulsory insurance for the staff working in hot spot areas, the formulation of training programs, assisting the industry in its operation during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing financial support for dozens of media, etc.

The report highlighted “INFORUM” — a new educational form of training seminars; in the past five years, the RUJ held more than 50 training seminars in dozens of regions.

The congress elected the new working body (Chairman, Secretariat, Voting Committee, Qualification Review Committee and Editorial Committee). Unanimously elected by the representatives as the new chairman, Vladimir Solovyov will start his second term of office.


*This article is from the website of Russian Union of Journalists