Challenge and Response: Development of the Silk Road and Prosperity of the World


By:Sami Jabry

The Global Development Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping aims to promote global prosperity and comprehensive development, and emphasizes the importance of openness, inclusiveness, and coordination for shared benefits. At the same time, the construction of the Belt and Road is making steady progress for all to see. In response to the urgent challenges facing the world today, China put forward a series of major development initiatives, and I have many ideas to share with you.

While the world is assailed by various crises, China, a country steeped in civilization, is making remarkable achievements and realized amazing growth in various fields. Also, it has accumulated many successful experiences in industry and agriculture. All these have given the country the confidence and impetus to propose the Belt and Road Initiative underpinned by reform and opening up in a world that was and still is awash with political discord.

The famous historian Toynbee pointed out in his theory of “Challenge and Response” that challenge and response are the basic laws propelling human civilization. When a challenge arises, you would either be affected and plagued by it, or stand up to it and fight until you win. China’s strength and power today did not come out of thin air, but had its cultural heritage and the experience accumulated by its people in overcoming various difficulties and challenges at their root. Having tided over many internal and external crises, China tenaciously overcame many economic and political challenge, effectively alleviating the growing pain the country experienced in the process of development.

Today, when we see China we see a country that, instead of succumbing to crises, has overcome difficulties and is willing to share its valuable experience with the world. The development model adopted by the West has plunged the world into the present crisis, while China’s experience in promoting social development, eliminating unemployment, providing decent jobs and accumulating social wealth can benefit the world and rid it of the current shackles.

The development initiatives proposed by President Xi are in line with the good wishes of the people of the world. The world should move towards rejuvenation and a bright future filled with security, health, love, development and prosperity.

It should also be noted that Arab countries have responded positively to China’s development initiatives and projects. Again, this response to joining the Silk Road cooperation did not come out of nowhere, rather, it originated from the burning desire of the Arab countries to achieve development after going through one hardship after another.

In the past, we drew inspiration from such common values and beliefs of mankind as freedom, justice, equality and humanism. Today, we have entered a new era. 149 countries have responded to and joined the Belt and Road Initiative, which reflects the great resolution of people all over the world in overcoming difficulties, as well as their aspiration and yearning for a better future.


Sami Jabry, journalist and host of Iraq News Group