The Union of the Professional Journalists in Romania


The Union of Professional Journalists in Romania was founded in 1919. It is a national journalists’ organization in Romania with a long history and considerable influence. The Council is its managing body, with a term of four years, consisting of eleven full members and three alternate members. The eleven formal members are: one president, two vice-presidents, one secretary-general, three department heads, three branch heads and one treasurer. The Union has Audit Committee, Professional Certification Committee, and Honor, Discipline and Arbitration Committee.

The Union’s main purposes include: defending press freedom, journalists’ rights and professional dignity; enhancing journalists’ professional credibility and sense of social responsibility; improving the professional skills of journalists and promoting the development of journalism through vocational training; improving journalists’ working and living conditions; organizing meetings, fora, press conferences and other activities in cooperation with cultural and educational institutions; publishing electronic and printed periodicals; launching a press fund and presenting awards for excellence in journalism; carrying out international exchanges and cooperation.