The Union of Journalists of Buenos Aires(UTPBA)


The Union of Journalists of Buenos Aires (UTPBA) is the organization that represents and brings together the journalists and press workers of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires of the Argentine Republic. It carries out tasks related to communication in state-owned or commercial magazines, radio, television and websites at national and local levels.

The UTPBA was found on September 25th, 1986. 39 years ago, it made unwavering struggle in efforts to improve the working environment of press workers and journalists, protect their work resources and defend the rights of the public to be informed.

The UTPBA also provides medical services for its members and their families through its Social Work Program. It is the only organization in Argentina that recognizes the free-lance journalists and journalism collaborators as an affiliate with the same rights and obligations as employed journalists.

The UTPBA is also a member of the Latin American Federation of Journalists (FELAP) and the entity in which the latter holds its Presidency. They stand together in defense of the inalienable principle of people’s self-determination.