The Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan


The Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan began its activity in August 1957. The Union and its territorial departments have a total of 62 full time employees, 23 employees work in execution part, 39 employees work in the regional departments. (there are 3 full time employees in each section). Competitions among journalists are very popular, such as the National award “Golden Pen”“The most active journalist of the year”“The most glorious, the dearest” among journalists play an important role in increasing the activity of the journalists and their creativity in society, improving their professional skills, encouraging and supporting them.

There are two structures established in the founder of the Union:

1. Editorship“Hurriyet” (Independence) newspaper. The newspaper is published once a week, on Wednesdays.

2. National press center of Uzbekistan. Various seminars, round tables, conferences, discussions are organized for journalists at the center.