Indian Newspaper & Journalist Society


Indian Newspaper & Journalist Society is a media organization founded in 1997 and a group of newspapers & journalists in India. The Non- Government Organization(NGO)is registered with Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi vide registration number S/32296/1997.

The society act as a central organization of the Press of India and mainly works for promotion & safeguarding of business interest of print & electronic media especially small newspapers, magazines, online news channels and associated media persons, correspondents, reporters. journalists, cameraman etc. with them. The society acts to collect information upon all topics having a practical business interest for its members and to communicate the same to them and to promote co-operation in all matters affecting the common business interests of members. The organization undertakes any arbitration for settlement of general or special disputes arising between members of the Society. The society also acts to represent grievances of publications and media persons, suggest ideas & ways for redress.