Club Primera Plana of Mexico


The original members of the Club Primera Plana were journalist partners from various media outlets who rose to the position of head of their respective media on their own merit. Nowadays, enjoying membership in this Club represents an honor for professionals in the news and media industry.

In 1985, an earthquake severely affected facilities in Hotel Del Prado and the Club, and consequently, the Club was forced to relocate itself until the Humboldt 5 was delivered to serve as the headquarter of the Club. The delivery agreement was signed by the then President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado.

The Club Primera Plana maintains the tradition of hosting regular working luncheons. From time to time, it also receives high-ranking government officials and high-profile personalities from other sectors of the country. Thus, members of the Club have developed a holistic understanding of Mexican society.

The Club honor its media members that have been practicing for 25 years, or even longer, by awarding them a certificate of honor in tribute to their career.