All-China Journalists Association Organizes “Journey around China: Experience China Time-Honored Brand”


On November 5th, the All-China Journalists Association organized “Journey around China: Experience China Time-Honored Brand”, an activity for interviews and experience. Some Chinese and foreign journalists were invited to visit the Beijing Enamel Factory to learn about the inheritance and development of national-level intangible cultural heritage and the exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations in the field of arts and crafts.

Xie Yanhua (left), Chairman of Beijing Enamel Factory, is attending interviews.

Journalists are visiting China Cloisonne Art Museum.

As the only time-honored brand in China’s cloisonne (Blue of Jingtai) industry, Beijing Enamel Factory is a production and demonstration base for protection of enameling techniques, a national-level intangible cultural heritage. During the activity, Chinese and foreign journalists visited China Cloisonne Art Museum and Cloisonne Production Workshop, where they had a hands-on try of the “enamel filling”, and communicated with inheritors and company executives.

Journalists are shooting videos in China Cloisonne Art Museum.

Journalists are visiting cloisonne production workshop.

Zhong Liansheng (right), the inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage, is having interviews.

The inheritor is explaining the technique of “enamel filling”.

Journalists are shooting videos in the cloisonne production workshop.

Journalists are visiting the cloisonne production workshop.

Since 2020, the All-China Journalists Association has launched a series of “Journey around China” activities for interviews and experience, in which representatives of foreign media outlets in China were invited to learn more about China’s economic, social and cultural development and get to know a real, multi-dimensional and comprehensive China. The event was strongly supported by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce China Time-honored Brand Working Committee and the National League of Business Journals.

* Source: All-China Journalists Association official WeChat account