All-China Journalists Association Invites Chinese and Foreign Journalists to Xinjiang


Journalists are interviewing villagers in Kuocha Airik Village, Qierbage Town, Luopu County, Hotan area.

From May 9th to 15th, 2021, the All-China Journalists Association organized a delegation of over 20 Chinese and foreign journalists to visit Hotan, Kashgar and Urumqi in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. During this “Journey around China: Experience Xinjing”, an activity for interviews and experience, the journalists made field visits and learned about the local economic growth, social development, cultural protection and inheritance and the practice of freedom of religion.

Journalists are visiting a garment factory in Tuowan Wukesak Village, Wukesak Town, Shufu County, Kashgar region.

Journalists are visiting a kindergarten in Tuowan Wukesak Village, Wukesak Town, Shufu County, Kashgar region.

The journalists met local villagers and farmers, listening to their narration of farm work, daily life and children’s education; they went to Hotan Tuancheng (Town of Unity), Kashgar Ancient City and Minle Village, witnessing cultural protection, restoration of ancient cities and inheritance of arts; they paid visits to a number of enterprises to get more information about how local people get jobs near home and improve livelihood; they also visited a number of mosques and participated in local Feast of Breaking the Fast ceremonies to see how local religious believers practice the freedom of religion.

Journalists are trying to play the ethnic musical instruments in Xinyu Song and Dance Troupe in Hotan.

Journalists are visiting the Junior High School of Chaoyang Education Park in Hotan City.

On May 14th, a Press Salon themed “Stories of Xinjiang People” was held in Urumqi. Tian Wen, member of the Standing Committee and head of Publicity Department of CPC Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Committee, briefed the audience on the comprehensive development of Xinjiang. Responsible officials of relevant departments, experts, scholars, employees of enterprises had in-depth exchanges with the delegation.

Tea Forum themed “Stories of Xinjiang People”

Journalists said emotionally that seeing is believing. They gained better understanding of Xinjiang after this trip and would tell the facts to a larger audience.

* Source: All-China Journalists Association official WeChat account