Sri Lanka China Journalists Forum (SLCJF)


Sri Lanka China Young Journalists’ Forum was established in May 2001 and was in force as a main association that  promoted bilateral relations and goodwill  between Sri Lanka and China. Since its inception 20 years ago the Forum has been working to bridge the two countries in close relationship with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sri Lanka and via the forum’s fullest journalistic capacity.

The forum has performed a dedicated service to the journalists to help them share their experiences between the two countries, organize the local journalists to travel in China with various study and media related workshops, seminars and programmes.

The forum launched its exclusive print media publication ‘Mahajana Cheenaya’ (People’s China) magazine in the year 2008 in Sinhalese language that attracted a diverse and vast  array of readership including school and university students, professionals of education and other sectors as well as the general public. Since its initiation in 2008, this  magazinal publication has been successfully published in time  under three Chief Editors who have immensely contributed to the success of its objective to serve as a catalyst knowledge management tool towards effective sharing of knowledge on China and its socio-economic development.

The latest news website of the forum is and the official website is .

Parallel to the 10th anniversary of the forum the title of Sri Lanka China Young Journalists’ Forum (SLCYJF) was effectively changed to Sri Lanka China Journalists’ Forum (SLCJF) opening more avenues for journalists and media practitioners to work with the forum to enhance their knowledge on Sri Lanka-China bilateral relations and their developments to better feed the regional and global economy.