Speech by Secretary of the All Pakistan Journalists Association


The post-COVID era is the era in which we need more connectivity and more concern about each other, especially in the region. We are focusing about the journalist community that is literally eyes and ears of the society.

I want to share with you briefly about my organization, APJA, All Pakistan Journalists Association. It is a non-profit registered organization. Founded in 2008, APJA is working for the welfare of journalists and spreading the message of love, patriotism and sincerity to all the segments of society for more than 11 years. It is the only Pakistani-based organization which has earned global recognition along the presence of members in four countries. That is a good sign. We are working to connect more people from the countries and the regions.

In our society, the culture of lawlessness, intolerance, sentimentalism, egoism is flourishing. It is a very sad situation which is prevailing and it’s growing day by day, but we need to focus on this situation. We need to work on this situation and we took our responsibility on our own and want your kind cooperation, your kind surpport to keep it move, to keep it more active. Actually, we took our responsibility to stand against all these events and play our role to turn the society towards a better and safe future in the next generation. Actually, we feel ourselves responsible being part of this community. We, the journalists, are more responsible than any citizen of any country. Again, I would like to appreciate the idea of connecting in terms of the Belt and Road Journalists Network. Honestly, me and all the other participants of the next connectivity and the next activity, will learn more,  listen to each other to know each other, and definitely we will devise some good solutions for all the problems prevailing in our society, in the region and on the globe. Definitely, we want to turn our planet into the best situation.

(Speech by Sohail Siddiq Ansari, Secretary of the All Pakistan Journalists Association, from the 2020 Belt & Road Journalists Forum themed Journalism Exchange and Cooperation in the Post Covid-19 Era)